Lap Band Solution Book Weight Loss Surgery Help & Support

This new release is designed to benefit both the surgeon and patient throughout the process of weight control with the LAP-BANDô

The LAP-BANDô Solution: A partnership for weight loss is an effective communication tool. By providing potential and existing patients with knowledge on weight loss and the LAP-BANDô procedure, surgeons can maximize patient success.

This easy-to-read book is a friendly way of allowing potential patients to make
rational decisions at their own pace and maximizes the number who follow through
to LAP-BANDô placement. It also provides a comprehensive set of guidelines regarding the weight loss process with the LAP-BANDô and ensures patients know how to optimize their outcomes. The book stresses the importance of both the surgeon and the patient sharing responsibility throughout the process.

The LAP-BANDô Solution: A partnership for weight loss can be purchased individually
or in bulk for effective patient distribution. The book has been written primarily for the patient and every patient should have a copy. To encourage providing of a copy to
each patient, as long as they are purchased by the box, the books are made available
to surgeons and bariatric clinics at a little over cost price.

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